Saturday, October 10, 2009

Its just about fixed.

I finally got my computer fixed. I need people to ask more questions before I can make the faq. Here is some questions people asked so far.

What's the main antagonist going to be named? (Giygas or Gyiyg/Giegue) and
Will this be based on the Japanese version, or the unreleased US localization?
There will be an option to switch between the Japanese and American version stuff, Gigues name will change via settings as well.
Is ninten gonna have his own special little PK move?
Yes he will, people have been calling his Pk move PK Techno, but I don't really like that name.

Are battles going to be random or sprite based?
The sprite based.
Will the remake be ported to anything?
I am not sure about this. If we were to port it, we would need to re-wright all the programming scripts.

This is a rough draft of the faq, I will organize it better when we get more questions.
Also in an unrelated note, I got Simcity Creator Ds, and its probrally my current favorite SimCity game, the only problem is I can't beat the global warming era, does anyone have any tips for it?