Saturday, February 20, 2010

Awnsering some questions.

Nothing important enough has happened for me to make a formal update. A few things happed here and there, but nothing of major interest. When I go a while without updating, that means nothing bad has happened, and we don't really have anything to spectacular to share.

Someone asked about difficulty. There will be difficulty settings. The Nes game's original difficulty is the normal mode setting. There will be an easy mode. A hard mode, and a "Hell Mode". Hard mode multiplies enemy stats by 1.5. Easy mode gives you 1.5 as much experience and money. Easy also cuts enemy stats to 80 % there normal amount. Hell mode... Well you can find out for yourself.

Also while discussing settings, I guess I should mention that the game will have two "version" modes. An Earthbound Zero mode, where things will have a majority the changes EarthBound Zero made to Mother 1. A Mother 1 mode that will lack most of those changes.

I suppose I should mention the games text/story. We will use the Earthbound zero text/story, but we MAY also have the option for the player to be able to use Tomato's re-translation that he is writting for the Mother 1 + 2 translation. We would need to ask him about him first.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Good news Here are the animations for Ninten's special move. We currently have 3 programmers working hard, and we need someone to do finish up a few last songs. Progress is probably going to pick up a bit now that we have 2 new programmers.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Busy like a bee in antartica or something.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been busy. We got another programmer and some other stuff. I will have a full update soon.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

a few more questions I have been asked

1.) Are you going to include a proper, EB/Mother 3 style map this time round, or will you go for EB0's ambigious, unclear map?

You will be able to use both the eb0 style map, and individual maps for each of the towns. The Eb0 style map will be a bit more detailed, and will show major roads, and train tracks.

2.) Will the original inventory size (just eight spaces!) be increased in this remake?

How many inventory spaces did Earthbound have again? And how many did Mother 3? I still need to make the comparison between the 3 games to see what the most fair inventory space count was.

3.) Will Teddy be a permanent addition to your party after Loid blows him up, or will he remain incapacitated in the old man's house through the rest of the game?

Plot wise, it wouldn't make much sense to have teddy go back in. How ever, I think they had the plot set up in such a way because the original EB0 had a max of 4 party members at a time, 3 controllable characters (such as Ninten), and one non controllable one (such as Eve). Also in Mother 1'd version of the plot, Teddy dies, as in cannot come back, cold, rotting corpse dead. This could cause even more consistency problems. So the answer is probably no. This may change how ever. I also had an idea to have a sub quest to reget him into your party.

4.) In EB0, there is a lot of unnecessary over-world land, particularly around the North West of Podunk around the zoo, and one or two places in Magicant. Will you bother to include these areas?

This is a very good question. These long walks will probably still be in there, this is because the player will now have a Mother 3 style running. This will make this situation better because Eb0's run sped up the entire game, and not just your party. Also because battles are no longer random, the amount of time it takes will be decreased even more.

Also I ask again that anybody who is good at remixing music contact me. We need someone to do a few last songs.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Its just about fixed.

I finally got my computer fixed. I need people to ask more questions before I can make the faq. Here is some questions people asked so far.

What's the main antagonist going to be named? (Giygas or Gyiyg/Giegue) and
Will this be based on the Japanese version, or the unreleased US localization?
There will be an option to switch between the Japanese and American version stuff, Gigues name will change via settings as well.
Is ninten gonna have his own special little PK move?
Yes he will, people have been calling his Pk move PK Techno, but I don't really like that name.

Are battles going to be random or sprite based?
The sprite based.
Will the remake be ported to anything?
I am not sure about this. If we were to port it, we would need to re-wright all the programming scripts.

This is a rough draft of the faq, I will organize it better when we get more questions.
Also in an unrelated note, I got Simcity Creator Ds, and its probrally my current favorite SimCity game, the only problem is I can't beat the global warming era, does anyone have any tips for it?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A slight isue

My computer got a virus and it deleted my system 32 folder. I have a majority of files backed up so no reason to worry about that much. I just can't use my normal computer for a while. I need to get a usb disk reader to reinstall windows. Once I get that done it will be fixed. Also our music remixed 3r2 has resigned, but the only songs we need are the factory song, and the 8 melodies on the ocarina. If anyone can mix us up those tracks, that would be great.