Saturday, February 20, 2010

Awnsering some questions.

Nothing important enough has happened for me to make a formal update. A few things happed here and there, but nothing of major interest. When I go a while without updating, that means nothing bad has happened, and we don't really have anything to spectacular to share.

Someone asked about difficulty. There will be difficulty settings. The Nes game's original difficulty is the normal mode setting. There will be an easy mode. A hard mode, and a "Hell Mode". Hard mode multiplies enemy stats by 1.5. Easy mode gives you 1.5 as much experience and money. Easy also cuts enemy stats to 80 % there normal amount. Hell mode... Well you can find out for yourself.

Also while discussing settings, I guess I should mention that the game will have two "version" modes. An Earthbound Zero mode, where things will have a majority the changes EarthBound Zero made to Mother 1. A Mother 1 mode that will lack most of those changes.

I suppose I should mention the games text/story. We will use the Earthbound zero text/story, but we MAY also have the option for the player to be able to use Tomato's re-translation that he is writting for the Mother 1 + 2 translation. We would need to ask him about him first.