Saturday, February 20, 2010

Awnsering some questions.

Nothing important enough has happened for me to make a formal update. A few things happed here and there, but nothing of major interest. When I go a while without updating, that means nothing bad has happened, and we don't really have anything to spectacular to share.

Someone asked about difficulty. There will be difficulty settings. The Nes game's original difficulty is the normal mode setting. There will be an easy mode. A hard mode, and a "Hell Mode". Hard mode multiplies enemy stats by 1.5. Easy mode gives you 1.5 as much experience and money. Easy also cuts enemy stats to 80 % there normal amount. Hell mode... Well you can find out for yourself.

Also while discussing settings, I guess I should mention that the game will have two "version" modes. An Earthbound Zero mode, where things will have a majority the changes EarthBound Zero made to Mother 1. A Mother 1 mode that will lack most of those changes.

I suppose I should mention the games text/story. We will use the Earthbound zero text/story, but we MAY also have the option for the player to be able to use Tomato's re-translation that he is writting for the Mother 1 + 2 translation. We would need to ask him about him first.


  1. so is hell mode to be unlocked after you beat hard? like uncharted or is it there already?

  2. Hmm that's good to know, I only have one question.

    Will Mother 1 mode not have the ending that EarthBound Zero did?

  3. Here are some suggestions:
    Ultimate Weapon Siqequests
    Bonus Dungeon
    At least 1 shout-out.
    Last but not least, above all else, NEW BATTLE THEMES. I know it won't fit but COME ON! At least one! Giygue could have it!

  4. well quinn this is a remake note and upgrade, the only thing they are doingis making the graphics better and remixing the music. the only thing added was nintens new PK move, which I still like

  5. The project seems to be dead

  6. It sucks to follow the project. Is there a way to have an update !?

  7. Guys.....Toast closed the forum on's over! -_-

  8. Forget what I said! It's still on!

  9. As far as names go, like in Earthbound you can have more then one "don't care" names. Therefore you can have Ana AND Anna as choices, maybe the language option could change which one is first on the list?

    Also in the American version will Giygas be Giygas or Gieuge because he was Gieuge in earthbound zero but Giygas in earthbound. And which language option will be default?

  10. Please, please, please continue working on this! It sounded so wonderful!
    At the very least make another update?
    Even if it's to cancel the project, I think we'd all like to know SOMETHING.
    And for the sake of the hacking community, PLEASE open source the project if it is dead. We have enough lost data as it is.
    I realize you're using a different engine but my plea still stands.

  11. I really hope this is still being worked on! Mother would be so much better with improved graphics and music. Are random encounters still in by the way, or are there enemies on screen like in the rest of the games. The latter would of course be preferable.

  12. I'm very sure that Toast has given up. and he's not even going to give us any information about how or why the project has failed.

    So there you have it people, it's dead.

    Personally I think it's rude to just drop of the face of the net without giving a proper goodbye or any kind of information at all.

    But whatever. >_>

  13. I talked with Tidal Espeon you guys and... it's over. He told me that I could follow this EBZ remake but it nots the same :(.

  14. damn... that's pretty typical, this game really needs to be remade by someone.


  16. In all honesty, the retranslation might have somewhat more clarity, but the prototype text surprisingly has more flavor to it in more instances. So while I prefer the NES Earth Bound English text to the Mother 1 + 2 version, it still wouldn't hurt to fix the slight errors corrected by Tomato (such as Giegue's implication that George also helped raise him), or reinforce the little connections to the rest of the series (these observations are written in his retranslation notes).

    On another note, this difficulty and version setting reminds me of Final Fantasy Origins - basically, you could stick with your difficulty setting, but you can also turn off select enhancements at any time so it could play like the original NES game. Is that how it's going to work?

    Lastly, you guys aren't looking to have Japanese text included as an option, are you? Because it would be cool if you could also reach out to Japan's Mother community.

  17. And in the end, it all amounted to nothing, Toast.

  18. Hey, Toast? If you see this and aren't interested in continuing, would you be interested in releasing the graphic and audio resources to me?

    I've been considering an EB0 remake via RPG Maker XP (with custom battle system work, of course) for a while now, but I just really don't want to go through and make all that content if some already exists, y'know?

    Anyways, name's my aim, feel free to hit me up if you're interested.