Sunday, November 8, 2009

a few more questions I have been asked

1.) Are you going to include a proper, EB/Mother 3 style map this time round, or will you go for EB0's ambigious, unclear map?

You will be able to use both the eb0 style map, and individual maps for each of the towns. The Eb0 style map will be a bit more detailed, and will show major roads, and train tracks.

2.) Will the original inventory size (just eight spaces!) be increased in this remake?

How many inventory spaces did Earthbound have again? And how many did Mother 3? I still need to make the comparison between the 3 games to see what the most fair inventory space count was.

3.) Will Teddy be a permanent addition to your party after Loid blows him up, or will he remain incapacitated in the old man's house through the rest of the game?

Plot wise, it wouldn't make much sense to have teddy go back in. How ever, I think they had the plot set up in such a way because the original EB0 had a max of 4 party members at a time, 3 controllable characters (such as Ninten), and one non controllable one (such as Eve). Also in Mother 1'd version of the plot, Teddy dies, as in cannot come back, cold, rotting corpse dead. This could cause even more consistency problems. So the answer is probably no. This may change how ever. I also had an idea to have a sub quest to reget him into your party.

4.) In EB0, there is a lot of unnecessary over-world land, particularly around the North West of Podunk around the zoo, and one or two places in Magicant. Will you bother to include these areas?

This is a very good question. These long walks will probably still be in there, this is because the player will now have a Mother 3 style running. This will make this situation better because Eb0's run sped up the entire game, and not just your party. Also because battles are no longer random, the amount of time it takes will be decreased even more.

Also I ask again that anybody who is good at remixing music contact me. We need someone to do a few last songs.


  1. so in the jap version ther is no " Teddy became a performer at the club in merrysville" scene?

  2. I'm all for keeping the large overworld map, I do like large games and a good sense of exploration and all.

    One idea you can do to keep the overworld map as large as it is is to reward the players for poking around it so much. Why not stick treasure around these large blank spaces? Mother 1 could use some more equipment too (if you choose to add it), you may find places in the overworld to stick that or various other items.

  3. Oh! I would love to remix the remaining songs.

    I have some remixed songs in here, 'case you wanna check:

    (oldest ones are horrible, don't mind them)

    Reply in here, I will check for replies :U

  4. Don't change.

    Not a lot to say other than that, just don't change. Don't create on your own some ridiculous side-quest that changes the plot.

  5. i say that if you don't go directly back to Mt Itoi, if you re-enter the Old Man's House, he'll ask for medicine or something and a small sub-quest chain, and if you do it, teddy can rejoin

  6. no no no knited.
    A stupid added side quest would change everything. If teddy returns, how will loid become a hero at his old school? And if teddy is cured he wont be able to do that awsome dance with his back

  7. If you can't re-add Teddy, then what about Pippi? She doesn't die, and isn't terribly relevant later on (plus she even helps you out in the swamp, so it wouldn't be a big stretch). I always liked her, and it'd be awesome to have four party members.

  8. The sidequest could be to go to a faraway bonus dungeon that's even tougher than Mt. Itoi and if you beat the last boss in it you get a special item that heals Teddy.

  9. @polondoler
    No. But it was added in MOTHER 1+2.